Our Process

Here is our step-by-step process of everything you're going to get when you use Extreme Measures.

Step 1 - Place your Order

   When you sign up with us today, online or by phone, we take the    time to discuss your vision with you, emphasizing key selling points    that you want to capture. 

Step 2 - Production

On the Day of your appointment, a professional photographer and/or a floor plan technician will arrive, on time to photograph and measure your listing. If the property is occupied, please plan your day accordingly. The time frame to complete a floor plan measure varies based on the size of a property and the complexity of the structure. On average, a 3000 square foot home will take about an hour and a half to complete.  If you prefer, our technicians are also able to photograph and measure your listing even without your presence. If the property is not occupied, you can place a combination lockbox on the door and provide the combination on the order. Our field associates will return the key to the lockbox and lock up when they leave.   

When the photographer returns to the office, he/she will sort, select, and label the best photos from the shoot. The floorplan technician will begin labeling the rooms and calculating the square footage. The files will then be immediately uploaded to our server for “post-production”. 

Step 3 – Post Production

Within 2 business days following your appointment, our digital photo experts will edit your photos to ensure proper contrast, color balance, density, shadows, highlights (if the weather was not as desired on the day of your appointment.) Our technicians have vast experience at composing photos not only to look outstanding but also to have great “curb-appeal”.

Our floor plan technicians will add your branding and contact info to the floor plan.  After all is complete, we will email you a copy of all the processed still photos and a pdf version of the floor plan for your approval and make any changes to ensure your complete satisfaction.