Below is a list of our Fees and Services. 

We can also customize our services to fit your needs. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page for a free fee quote.  Tell us a little about what you're needing and we'll respond as soon as possible with our price and estimated turnaround time.

We offer four levels of Measurement Services:


1.  The Express Measure - $50 - Quickest Results.  
When you want Just the Numbers!   No floor plan or sketch included in the report.  
We measure the basic footprint of the exterior walls and calculate the total square footage of the home.  Perfect for real estate agents or homeowners who are simply interested in knowing the GBA (Gross Building Area) of a home and any accessory structures.  

Express Package is limited to homes that meet the following criteria:  Single level homes (some exceptions are allowed) and the perimeter of the house must be easily accessible.  

2.  The Basic Measure - $100 - Most Popular Product
Includes a simple sketch of the perimeter of the home with noted measurements of exterior walls.  Where possible, calculations for heated and unheated areas are provided along with the total square footage calculations.  

3.  The Detailed Measure - $125 - Great for Marketing!
Includes a detailed drawing of the perimeter of the home with noted measurements of exterior walls, interior walls and approximate dimensions of each room.  (Photography bundle available. Save $25. Add photos for just $25 more.)

4.  The Extreme Measure - $150 - Our most detailed drawing. 
Everything included with the Detailed Measure and more...The Extreme Measure includes a Floor Plan with approximate locations and measurements of walls, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry.  Ideal for use in flyers, websites, emails, listings and more...

Pricing applies to all homes up to 3500 sf, including walk-in attic and basement areas. We are happy to measure garages, porches, decks, patios and outbuildings at no extra charge for the majority of properties. Additional charge for homes above 3,500 square feet may apply. We may also charge for drive time/distance to some outlying areas. If you're unsure, just ask when scheduling your appointment.

20-30 images added to the measurement package.

20-30 images. No measurement.

5-10 images.

5 images.

Contact us for a price quote.

‚ÄčWhile we're there, we will collect all of the information at the home that you need to enter into MLS for a new listing.

We also provide appraisals and home valuation services.  Prices vary depending on location and complexity of each assignment. You can make inquiries and request orders for Appraisal Services by emailing our company Appraiser directly at




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