Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our goal is to provide service that is not only fast, accurate and reliable but convenient also.  Every effort is made to accommodate both the home owner and the agent.  If your property is managed with an MLS or SUPRA key, it is not necessary that the agent or homeowner be present for our appointment.  We have MLS Keys! You need only provide the combo lock details.  Orders are processed immediately as received each day.  Our field associates will schedule and proceed with the order at the earliest possible time.

  • Our floor plans with interior walls are detailed.  Most homes under 4,000 square feet take under one hour, but larger or more complicated homes (particularly if there are many curves or angles) can take much longer.  It depends on the complexity and level of detail desired.  If you're a real estate agent, please advise the homeowner that we could be at the property for an extended period.  Quality work takes time and we appreciate your patience.

  • Our Standard Floor Plan includes outbuildings, decks, patios and porches.  However, we do not draw walks or landscaping.  Please Note:  While our company also provides appraisal services, measurement services do not include performance of an appraisal or any appraisal services.  If you would like any appraisal service, please request those services by contacting our appraiser directly at

  • Upon arrival, the associate will begin to measure the exterior of the home.  If access inside the home is needed, the associate will take measurements in each room, moving furniture and other items only as needed, replacing each as found before leaving.  Do not worry about clutter or construction.  We can usually shoot our laser measurement tools around most obstacles.

  • Your sketch is usually delivered by email within 24 hours after we measure.  If you need changes to room names or anything else, just let us know and we will usually get that within 24 hours.  

  • Prices vary based on size and level of detail requested.  A standard flat fee is assigned for homes under 4,000 square feet of GBA (Gross Building Area).  This includes finished and unfinished basement and accessory units, but it does not include garages (unless commercial), porches, patios, decks, or outbuildings.  We're happy to measure those items at no extra charge for the majority of properties.  However, large or complex outbuildings, decks or patios may require an additional charge.  For homes above 4,000 square feet, an additional charge of 0.025 per square foot is added.  We also charge for drive time/distance to some outlying areas.  If you're unsure, just ask when scheduling your appointment.

  • You will receive a secure invoice and payment link once the measurement is completed.  It is your choice if you want to pay online using a credit card or mail us a check. 

  • We are dedicated to providing accurate area calculations and plan reports.  All measurements are performed by a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser or Appraiser Assistant following ANSI standards to determine an accurate GBA (Gross Building Area) or GLA (Gross Living Area).  In addition, our drawing software verifies measurements as the plan diagram is generated. Any discrepancies will cause an error in the plan generation, prompting verification of any suspect data.  However, mistakes sometimes happen.  Even the most careful and meticulous professionals can read or record data incorrectly.  We will not knowingly deliver a report for which the measurement data cannot be verified with confidence.  If you are concerned about any aspect of the report, Please Contact Us Immediately.  We will review the data, and when necessary, verify any suspect measurements and make the appropriate corrections to the report.  We do not offer refunds for errors that render minor discrepancies.

  • As a Realtor, your Reputation Depends on it!  As a Seller, you want the most for your real estate investment!  As a Buyer, You expect to get what you're paying for.  For example, take a 4,000 square foot home with an appraised value of $100 per square foot.  A mere 1% mistake in the measurement or calculations could be worth $4,000. The most common lawsuit brought against real estate agents is misrepresentation of a property's square footage.  If you are listing a home that is older, larger, or has been modified, you may not be able to get an accurate square footage measurement from previous listings of the property or public records. Even if you are selling a newer home, the diagram and measurements provided by the builder may not be accurate.  Having a home measurement completed by Extreme Measures could be a great way to protect yourself.  Our measurement services can assist you in knowing the accurate square footage of your home and provide you with a detailed floor plan with major room dimensions to present to any interested buyers.